Discover A Better Way To Treat Pain

When you hurt, it changes your life in the worst way. As everyday tasks become more difficult due to neck pain, back pain, headaches, or residual pain from surgery or an accident, your emotional state, nutrition, and relationships may also begin to suffer.

At Rock Creek Spine and Rehabilitation Center in Broomfield, Colorado, we understand the effects of pain on other parts of your life. If you're living with pain and not sure where to turn, we can help.

Discover the difference that multidimensional treatments from our board-certified, award-winning Broomfield chiropractors and therapists can make. Call (303) 499-6565 now for an appointment and take advantage of our limited time New Patient Special!

The Rock Creek Spine Difference: Treatment For The Whole Person

Because pain can affect so many aspects of your life, we firmly believe in treating pain with a multidimensional approach. We combine chiropractic care, rehabilitation and physical therapy to target the root of your pain; while at the same time helping you regain your happy, healthy self through fitness instruction, massage therapy, nutrition counseling and medical weight loss, and even alternative therapies that can alleviate many ailments other than pain.

Our chiropractors and therapists have met rigorous educational and training requirements, and have extensive experience in treating pain; but, what truly sets them apart from others in our field is their passion for helping people.

More Than Just Pain Management

In addition to chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and sports and injury rehabilitation, your doctor may recommend additional treatments to relieve pain and improve your health:

Ideal Protein Weight Loss - If you're struggling with losing weight, our medical weight loss program will help you lose 3-7 pounds per week and learn the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle long after the program has ended.

Therapeutic Massage and Class IV Laser Treatment - Laser therapy is an ideal complement to massage for targeted relief and deeper penetration. The safe, non-invasive treatment reduces inflammation and pain anywhere on the body, allowing for faster recovery time, quicker healing and better nerve function.

Alternative Therapies - Acupuncture, dry needling and trigger point therapy are safe and effective alternatives to surgery. These therapies target pain or tension in a specific part of the body, and may also aid in the improvement of headaches, depression, arthritis, and muscle and tendon pain or injuries.

Don't let pain control your life! Make an appointment with Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center today and learn how we can help improve your quality of life.

Angelina Arnold

It is such a pleasure to write this review! Almost two years ago this time I walked out of the neuro surgeon's office in tears and more pain than I felt I could stand. I had pain going down into my shoulders, weakness in my hands and lower extremities.I could not turn my head from side to side without it catching or pain shooting into my head and neck. He said that 4 of my discs were "gone" and a 5th disc was protruding out. He further told me the only thing he could do because of the severity of the desease process was to operate asap. This included fusion of 4 of the discs and possibly a fifth).He thought I might achieve at least an 85% decrease in my current pain. When I asked about alternatives, he did not offer any-it appeared that it was too late to try anything else. I told him I had to try something else first. Being an RN who had worked for a year as a neurosurgical nurse, I knew the possibilities of outcomes--living in pain for one thing. I told him I was going to go to ...

Drew R.

I went to see Dr. Ryan Groelz for a general preventative appointment and check up. It was my first time in his office and it was an outstanding experience. In my appointment, the Dr. took time to listen to me describe my current situation, past injuries, etc. I didn't feel rushed or hurried. He asked pertinent questions and gave me thoughtful and relevant advice. He pointed out some minor subluxations before fixing them. I walked out feeling great.

Katie B.

I've had chronic migraines since I was 5-years-old, and the treatment I've received at Rock Creek along with a nutritional cleanse that they recommended has given me the most relief in 2.5 decades! Part of the plan was to re-align the curvature of my c-spine after whiplash that occurred 8 years ago. I had lost hope that the problems I also had from this accident would subside, but with the treatment Dr. Groelz started me on, x-rays showed I had 70% restoration of my c-spine after a few months. My corrected alignment has also helped with relief from chronic muscle tension.The chiropractors and office staff at Rock Creek Spine and Rehab are extremely caring and compassionate individuals. I love going in there for my maintenance adjustments and therapeutic massages!

Drew R.

I went to Dr. Ryan because I had some hip and leg pain. X-rays showed that I have scoliosis, a condition many can have without even realizing. Previous chiropractic care only offered mild relief because they only offered adjustments. At Rock Creek I was able to get traction and decompression to relieve pressure on my nerves and actually correct the curvature in my spine. Within days I felt improvement. It has been a real game changer for me!

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