You may be wondering what the educational requirements are to become a chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist. There are varying requirements to becoming a professional in any of these fields.

Education Requirements For Chiropractors

Chiropractors have to complete strict educational requirements in comparison to many other kinds of health care professions. Most applicants attending a chiropractic college already obtain an undergraduate degree in a medical field, such as biology or physics. After acceptance into an accredited chiropractic college, students are required to study at least four more academic years as a standard. A large portion of the time spent during chiropractic education requires the students to engage in clinical training.

Chiropractors are also educated in a number of healing sciences, which is comparable to the education that medical doctor receives. They are required to study rehabilitation, anatomy, nutrition, physiology and general health.

Just like other types of medical doctors, students of chiropractic are required to study patients for a large fraction of the curriculum. This clinical practice helps students learn to evaluate, understand and care for patients. Another common standard in training requires chiropractic students to finish at least one year of a clinical based program, which allows them to deal with genuine patient care.

The entire curriculum consists of a minimum of 4,200 hours of laboratory, clinical and classroom experience. The study course is then brought to an accreditation agency for approval. In order to practice in Canada or the US, graduates are required to pass licensing exams as well.

This broad and stringent education is vital for preparing chiropractic doctors to properly diagnose, treat and care for patients.

Education Requirements For Physical Therapists

Physical therapists must have a graduate degree from an accredited program in physical therapy in order to practice. Physical therapy students are required to earn a bachelor’s degree before enrolling in a physical therapy program. There are also some additional requirements prior to enrollment, such as test scores and GPA submissions, physical therapy experience (observation or volunteer) and prerequisite courses in certain subjects.

Physical therapy students typically study a variety of topics such as biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, neurological dysfunction management and musculoskeletal system pathology. They are also required to join clinical courses and internships that allow them to gain hands-on experience. These requirements help students learn about treatment, patient care, screen and assessment.

The licensing requirements for physical therapists can vary, though the standard requires physical therapists to have a physical therapy graduate degree from an accredited institute, as well as a passing grade on a physical therapy examination.

Education Requirements For Massage Therapists

The first step to becoming a massage therapist requires the completion of a training program at a massage therapy institute. It is common for most massage therapy students to undergo a minimum of 650 hours in training. The training encompasses educational requirements such as physiology, anatomy, hands-on and electives.

After graduating, students are required to pass one or more exams in order to obtain a license. These exams can include jurisprudence and national certification exams.