I’ve been active all my life, participating in competitive sporting and leisure events since I was in elementary school up through adulthood. I’ve been a state tennis player & track star, a Jr Olympic swimmer, did quite a bit of biking, skiing, and hiking of all of Colorado’s 14ers, including some in California, along with Mt. Rainer in Washington. Nothing has ever slowed me down until I started incurring lower back pain. My L5S1 disk was shot, my mobility became limited after time, and my activity level slowed to a crawl. My blood pressure started to rise and I started putting on weight. I truly wondered if I’d ever make it to my 60’s as the pain was so debilitating and I was so stiff all the time that I could not touch my toes or get my legs into my pants without sitting or holding on to something. I had been to a chiropractor in Louisville who tried to help me but could not. All they had was an adjustment table and massage therapy available. I had pretty much given up and was resolved to a life of pain until I guess surgery became the next option for me. After awhile my husband became concerned about my mental and physical health and started researching options, that’s when we came across the Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center. What a godsend this place was. X-rays done in house to show where you are when you start, followed by corrections, and then a final round of X-rays to show the improvement. Many options exist such as: Chiro adjustments, Acupressure, Massages, Stems, etc.; however, what made the biggest impact for me was the Spinal Decompression machines, they really helped open the spaces between the disks and have left me pain free and enjoying life again. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ryan, Dr. Jim, and Dr. Rick I’ve gotten my life and my actively levels back. I can ski the moguls again, have started climbing again, and actually look forward to my 60’s instead of thinking I’ll never make it that far. My whole family now visits the Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center; me for regular maintenance and care, my two children who are both NCAA lacrosse athletes to help keep them injury free and in good spinal health, along with my husband. My blood pressure is back to normal and I’ve started to shed the pounds I’d picked up to due to being so sedentary. To anyone who believes there is no hope and no options left, I implore you to reach out to the RCS&R Center. Help is available and waiting for your call. Sincerely, Eileen Bradley, Superior CO

Thank you so much Rock Creek. Today I live with very little back pain. One year ago, my day was sitting at a desk, as I got in my car to leave, grabbed the steering wheel to adjust when all the sudden had this terrible pain in my lower back. I have had back problems over the years, and had an appt already with RCS. Dr Ryan X-rayed me. My spine was over 4th inch off center. I always had this nagging pain by my left sacro e iliac jt. So I began adjustments 3x a week. Also decompression therapy. Within 6-8 weeks Dr Ryan re X-rayed me and I was backin alignment. I began to back off on the adjustments and decomp and added massage with stretching. I can say today I have very little pain. Mainly when tired. I continue to stretch daily. I am so very thankful for RCS services and highly recommend their services.

I look forward to going each week and miss it when I don’t! It’s not just because I feel better, everyone working there makes me feel right at home. It’s not a race to get my session done either. I’ve made great progress on my original diagnosis. They listen to what’s going on each time and adjust accordingly so new issues do not become permanent problems. It’s the place to go for excellent care!

Rock Creek Spine & Rehab Center has helped me tremendously over the years. Prior to moving to Colorado I used to receive chiropractic care. However the care I received from Dr. Ryan was the first time that I can remember actually being pain free. I still go in for adjustments as needed, and I feel that the knowledge and skill of the doctors at Rock Creek Spine & Rehab Center is far and above any chiropractic care I had received in the past.

I’ve been to many Chiropractors over the past 30 years but Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center is the best I’ve experienced. Dr. Groelz and his staff truly understand the bio-mechanics of the spine and provide the correct treatment and therapy to correct the curvature of the spine. I’ve had issues with my neck for many years and in just 3 months of treatment my neck has a nearly perfect curvature and my pain is gone. The staff at Rock Creek are always professional and courteous. I highly recommend Rock Creek to anyone suffering from neck or back pain.

I’ve received awesome care at Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center, and can happily report that I’ve been completely pain-free for over 9 months! The entire staff are extremely friendly, professional, and fun to be around. Highly recommended!

I’ve been a patient at Rock Creek for about 4 years now and it has greatly improved my quality of life. Prior to coming here, I suffered from a slipped rib and was in pain every day. The pain began to interfere with doing simple, everyday tasks and although I had always had a fear of spinal manipulation, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad that I did! Dr. Rick makes you feel comfortable, takes the time to get to know you and your areas of concern, and tailors the treatment to fit your needs. I began to feel better after my very first visit and have been back with various complaints from neck pain to low back pain from pregnancy. All of these complaints were met with the best care possible. I never feel rushed here and the whole staff, from the receptionists to the doctors and assistants makes you feel like family. I look forward to my visit every week; of course because it helps with the pain, but also because this is such a warm and friendly place to be. Thanks Rock Creek Spine!

All of the doctors and staff at Rock Creek Spine are amazing! I was referred to them by my former chiropractor in Sunnyvale, CA because they were known for their effective treatments of scoliosis. I did traction and at-home exercises along with adjustments for several months. Now I have been a patient at Rock Creek Spine for more than 5 years. I just check in for quick adjustments every couple of weeks, and I feel fantastic! I have an active lifestyle (with 2 young boys to run after) and consider chiropractic care an important part of my self-care. I highly recommend Rock Creek Spine to anyone and everyone who cares about their health!

I have had multiple injuries over the years as well as pre-existing issues (scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis). I have been treated here for whiplash, scoliosis, and compressed discs/extreme low back pain. My results have been outstanding!! I like to stay active walking, hiking, skiing, and I am able to do the things I love and stay pain free thanks to my treatment at Rock Creek Spine & Rehab. The therapies here are more advanced than any chiropractic office I have ever been to, and I have been to dozens over the years. Through traction, chiropractic adjustments, and muscle stimulation treatments, I have been able to avoid surgery and taking drugs/painkillers, which have horrible side effects. My scoliosis curvature, which was once at 20 degrees, is now virtually nonexistent, and I have little to no neck and back pain, after being plagued by daily headaches and debilitating back pain. I also combined my therapy with the Ideal Protein diet, which really aided my healing process, greatly reduced my pain and inflammation, and had the added benefit of weight loss and significantly reducing my body fat percentage. I can’t say enough good things about Rock Creek Spine & Rehab! If you are in pain, not able to do the things you love, and want to get your health back on track, they can help you.

When I first visited Rock Creek Spine and spoke to Dr. Ryan, I was in an incredible amount of pain that had yet to be resolved, despite seeing multiple spine specialists, chiropractors and physical therapists. Dr. Ryan was my last hope and I’m so glad I found him and the awesome team at Rock Creek Spine. He assured me that he could help me and he did so, in exactly the time frame that he promised. My recovery has not been “easy” but it has been made easier by all of the staff here who treat every patient with respect and a friendly nature. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic and physical therapy for a personal injury or chronic pain. Go here, you won’t regret it!

My experience with the staff and doctors at Rock Creek Spine And Rehabilitation was phenomenal! I looked forward to going to my appointments because I knew that I was going to to be treated so well. I highly recommend getting treatment here.

This is the first time I have ever needed chiropractic care for my back and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Groelz and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly and seem to genuinely care about their patients’ well being. These doctors are interested in getting you the care you NEED and seek to not over treat, which gives me complete peace of mind. They also know all of their patients by name, which I think is so freaking impressive. I would recommend Rock Creek Spine to anyone.

I went to the Rock Creek Spine rehab center after car accident and i feel me much better now, thank you to the doctors there: doctor Ryan, doctor Rick and doctor James! Also big thanks to their office manager Jill, she is always on top and taking care of any issues with insurances! High professional, great atmosphere, awesome stuff!

I’ve been going to different chiropractors on and off for years and years. Same story for most of them; They all told me they could fix me, I’d get a few crackins would feel better for a while, but sooner or later the same old neck pain and headaches would be back. I thought that was just how it was, until I met Drs. Melissa and Ryan. They showed me on my Xrays that the curve in my neck was going the wrong way and that even with traditional chiropractic treatment my pain would continue to come back until I changed that curve. So I gave them a chance and went through their rehab program (which was way more detailed and thorough than any other chiropractic treatment I’d been through before). Its been about two years since I finished their program and not only have I not had ANY headaches or neck pain, but my girlfriend says my sleep apnea has gone away and I’ve totally stopped snoring!!! I’ll never go to any other chiropractors… and neither should you!!!!

I have had neck pain from a previous auto accident and Dr. Groelz and Dr. Groelz have been instrumental in alleviating this neck pain and setting me on a path towards solving the problem, not just treating the pain. Having been a patient at Rock Creek for a while now, I can strongly recommend them for your needs. The doctors are exceptional and the office is professional. You will be very happy with your rehabilitation and treatment – Mike

Dr.’s Melissa and Ryan Groelz are amazing! I first came to them regarding neck stiffness and pain that I had had for most of my life. They discovered that my neck bent the wrong direction. With their care and treatment, we have fixed the problem resulting in no more pain or stiffness. They made me a believer!! Everyone who works at Rock Creed Spine is friendly and caring. You can tell they all enjoy their work. I recommend them to everyone I know.

I started at Rock Creek Spine for chronic back pain and a neck injury that had me in pain daily. I have spent a few months getting well, being treated with the best care and appreciating everyone here. I am now doing very well and come for maintenance as needed. The team of doctors and assitants here are all hands on, remember my name and are completely invested. The office staff remember me as well and are quick to answer any questions I have. I love this team and would highly recommend them. Please take the time to visit this office and let them take care of you!

I love everyone at Rock Creek Spine and Rehabilitation. These are wonderful people.
I started seeing Dr. Melissa two years ago with the Ideal Protein plan. I first became aware of Ideal Protein when an associate lost 75 lbs and maintained the loss. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Melissa and the Rock Creek Spine and Rehabilitation Team.
Dr. Melissa is one of the kindest, most caring and dedicated professionals you could hope to meet. She just wants to support you, wherever you are, whatever you need, in the goals that you have established for yourself. I have been to other places that made you feel like it was a business, or that you had to meet certain objectives and it never worked for me. I finally found what works. Dr. Melissa sees the best in every situation, and helps you see it too. She’s taught me about nutrition, but she’s also taught me about balance. She makes the world a brighter place.
All of the services that Rock Creek offers are wonderful. The chiropractic adjustments leave me refreshed and a lot less crunchy than before. The doctors are well-informed and advocate for a holistic approach. Each and every one of the massage therapists are excellent.. I think at this point I have seen them all. The acupuncturist Chris has helped me overcome fatigue from an illness that none of my specialists were able to help me with at all.
From the minute you walk in, you’re greeted warmly, you are remembered, you’re treated professionally and with respect. I don’t know how Jill, Brittany, Natalie and Juana keep track of everything, but they are more on top of my schedule than I could ever be! I look forward to seeing everyone every time I come.

I’ve had chronic migraines since I was 5-years-old, and the treatment I’ve received at Rock Creek along with a nutritional cleanse that they recommended has given me the most relief in 2.5 decades! Part of the plan was to re-align the curvature of my c-spine after whiplash that occurred 8 years ago. I had lost hope that the problems I also had from this accident would subside, but with the treatment Dr. Groelz started me on, x-rays showed I had 70% restoration of my c-spine after a few months. My corrected alignment has also helped with relief from chronic muscle tension.
The chiropractors and office staff at Rock Creek Spine and Rehab are extremely caring and compassionate individuals. I love going in there for my maintenance adjustments and therapeutic massages!

I suffer from ADHD, hypoglycemia and a thyroid condition that leaves me feeling like I want to sleep all day, even with medication. I went to Dr. Ryan because I had some hip and leg pain. X-rays showed that I have scoliosis, a condition many can have without even realizing. Previous chiropractic care only offered mild relief because they only offered adjustments. At Rock Creek I was able to get traction and decompression to relieve pressure on my nerves and actually correct the curvature in my spine. Within days I felt improvement and within weeks my energy was returning and I didn’t need to sleep as much. It has been a real gamechanger for me! Chiropractic care at Rock Creek has given me the ability to begin living my life more fully. I hadn’t realized how much pain I was in until I started feeling better. The greatest gift has been the energy and stamina my body has given me once it began healing. I HIGHLY recommend Rock Creek to everyone, even just to find out what condition your spine is in and what benefits may be in store for you!

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I can feel the improvement and see it in the before and after X-rays. I feel like I have gotten my life back.

I have been to six different chiropractors in 2 different states, and this place is THE BEST! They offer a holistic approach to treat the root of any aliment. The staff is the best around. They are friendly and knowledgeable.

I went to see Dr. Ryan Groelz today for a general preventative appointment / check up. It was my first time in his office. And it was an outstanding experience. I was greeted promptly by a very friendly and helpful staff.
In my appointment, the Dr. took time to listen to me describe my current situation, past injuries, etc. I didn’t feel rushed or hurried. He asked pertinent questions and gave me thoughtful and relevant advice. He pointed out some minor subluxations before fixing them. He took time to detail my current condition – explaining everything to me. The doctor was very pleasant and genuinely concerned with my well-being.
I walked out of there feeling great. I will be returning again.

All three doctors at Rock Creek Spine are excellent and their staff are extremely friendly and helpful. We have a large family and they have cared for each member skillfully and personally. Thankful for them!

It is such a pleasure to write this review! Almost two years ago this time I walked out of the neuro surgeon’s office in tears and more pain than I felt I could stand. I had pain going down into my shoulders, weakness in my hands and lower extremities.I could not turn my head from side to side without it catching or pain shooting into my head and neck. He said that 4 of my discs were “gone” and a 5th disc was protruding out. He further told me the only thing he could do because of the severity of the desease process was to operate asap. This included fusion of 4 of the discs and possibly a fifth).He thought I might achieve at least an 85% decrease in my current pain. When I asked about alternatives, he did not offer any-it appeared that it was too late to try anything else. I told him I had to try something else first. Being an RN who had worked for a year as a neurosurgical nurse, I knew the possibilities of outcomes–living in pain for one thing. I told him I was going to go to try chiropractic first. He told me “when you get tired of this pain and your quality of life is worse, come back and I’ll operate!” I left his office with a large bottle of Vicodin and Flexeril for spasm.
I called Dr. Ryan Groelz whom I had worked with before and received excellent spinal care and success. I gave him my X rays and MRI, and asked one question, “Can you help me?” I felt so desparate and I was hurting something awful at that moment. He looked at my reports, and said “Yes, we can help you.” With that we set up a plan of care, and I started going for treatments 3 times a week. My treatments included laser therapy, physical therapy, dry needling, neck traction and physical manipulation along with neck massage. It was intense, and hard to get there at times, but Dr. Ryan kept encouraging me.
Over the next few weeks and months I just got better and better–less pain, able to do my housework, less spasm, increased strength in all areas, and I could move my neck withoug turning my whole body. At about two and a half months of treatment with Dr Ryan and staff, I made an appointment to see a second neuro surgeon that I had been told was top in his field. He checked me over, looked at the reports and x-ray/MRI, did his own set of x-rays and told me to keep on doing what I was doing because it was working. His words, “If you were my mother, I would tell you not to let anyone cut on your neck!” Somewhere about 3 months my visits were less and the improvement just continued on. By six months I was doing regular stuff and feeling really good. At some point I stopped even thinking about my neck because I was no longer reminded that it had been so sick.
I had my one year check up a couple of days ago at the neurosurgeons (the 2nd one) office, and I was told they did not need to see me anymore unless I had a new issue.
My family and friends cannot believe the difference between where I was then and where I am today. As a part of my regular healthy life style I now see Dr. Ryan and staff every two weeks for maintainance care. And, I tell everyone I see having structural issues about Rock Creek Spine, Dr. Ryan and the staff and encourage them to to go in before they do something else.
I am so thankful and grateful that I have my neck back!! As I told Dr. Ryan one day, “You saved my neck, litterally!) Thank you Dr Ryan, and all the staff for helping me.

To give a quick background, after experiencing severe symptoms (inflamed esophagus, sore throat, acidic burning in mouth and sinuses, chest pressure, etc.) of GERD in January of 2015, it was discovered during an endoscopy that I had a hiatal hernia. This is where the stomach pushes through the diaphragm and enters the chest cavity, thus causing the lower esophageal sphincter to remain open. Acid is then allowed to go freely into the esophagus where it wreaks havoc on tissue it wouldn’t normally affect. Once the gastroenterologist finished my endoscopy, the only treatment option offered was to take medication to lower my stomach acid. I was told that I would be on these pills for life despite the FDA warnings about taking these longer than 2 weeks. Hesitant but anxious to find relief, I took his advice and started on the highest dosage of 80mg of PPIs. It greatly reduced my stomach acid for temporary relief, but the combination of side effects and the fact that I had too little stomach acid to break down food were worse than the original symptoms. After months of trying Prevacid, Zantac, Nexium, Pepcid AC, Prilosec, Tums, and Gaviscon, nothing worked. I felt worse than I ever had, and this was their supposed “go-to” treatment. Nissen fundoplication surgery was deemed ineffective and risky, and because of the failed suggestions of medical doctors (who I lost faith in) and the runaround I was getting, I eventually spent hundreds (literally) of hours researching every article, forum, and trial on the internet to figure out what I had and how to cure it. I eventually decided to ditch all medical suggestions and go the holistic route. I stopped all medication and began a diet of vegetables, lean meats, and water. I completely eliminated dairy, carbs, fatty foods, coffee, sugar, and alcohol, and within weeks I had lost over 25 pounds (but not intentionally). Granted, my original weight of 165lbs was considered normal, but the diet change allowed my body to reset. Some of my symptoms subsided, but I still had the extreme chest pressure and throat muscle soreness from the stomach protruding from the diaphragm. Enter Dr. Ryan and the Rock Creek Spine team!
After receiving a consultation by Dr. Ryan, I was initially placed on a care plan of two visits per week where I received a hiatal hernia adjustment in addition to several others to align the body. The former is important to bring the stomach back down below the diaphragm, and the latter is equally important to keep things properly aligned to maintain equilibrium and prevent further issues. Not only did I start noticing a decrease in my original symptoms (primarily chest pressure, tight throat, and acidity), but I noticed an increase in whole body health. I felt my posture improve, and my monthly migraines completely disappeared. Along with chiropractic care, the massage therapy and trigger point therapy I received were also a huge aid in removing my original symptoms. There are many other services they provide, but luckily I haven’t had the need for them. What I can tell you, though, is that Dr. Ryan and his colleagues are very knowledgeable in their field, and it’s a great relief to find doctors that promote holistic methods of healing. They, along with their friendly staff, truly care about their patients and I’ve found that extremely hard to come by. My past experiences with other facilities during my journey have proven that. After receiving treatment at Rock Creek Spine throughout 2015, I can honestly say that I’ve made a complete turnaround without the need for surgery or medication. With a condition that’s so severe and so under-studied, my hope has been restored and I’ll continue to visit Rock Creek Spine weekly to maintain my overall health. Highly recommended!

Kind, caring and knowledgeable staff. I grew up with chiropractic care and hands down the docs at Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center are the best.

A caring staff that made me feel comfortable and always seemed to listen to my needs make this place great! I highly recommend Rock Creek to anyone.

Love this place! Everyone is great to work with! From the Doctors especially Dr. Ryan, to Holly, Jason, and the front desk ladies, especially Adrianne! So blessed I found all of you. You have made my injury to my hip and back so much better. Thank you Thank you and Thank you! Dianne Campbell-Ostdiek

Such an amazing staff!!! They are wonderful doctors and assistants…even though it can get super busy I never mind waiting due to the fact that they give such great service and bedside manner

I will never go anywhere else. The staff and doctors here have helped me maintain general wellness, and also walked me through corrective treatment and therapy after several auto accidents. They are warm, welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable. They work with you and truly listen to what works and what doesn’t, which allows you to take an active role in your own healing process. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ryan, Dr. Rick, and Dr. Jim.

Dr Ryan.
I hope you know you literally rock!!! I do not know why I waited 3-4ish weeks to go see a chiropractor. I was having major to moderate lower back pain that entire time. I go in for an hour long appointment today and now feel the best I have felt in over a month. I’m actually able to touch my toes! Not to mention I haven’t felt this great at the gym in quiet some time!! I totally rocked my workout! Let’s hope I continue to feel this great tomorrow at work!!
Just wanted to say thank you! And anyone needing chiropractic help, looking for a massage, etc! Definitely find your way to Rock Creek!

I injured my back a few weeks ago, and as time went on, it seemed to be getting worse, instead of better. They made me an appointment very quickly.
The staff was very warm, courteous, and seemed genuinely caring and empathetic. The office itself was very open and welcoming – it almost felt like I was going to some sort of spa. I can’t say enough how friendly, helpful, and organized everyone was.
I noticed several people who were obviously regulars, who all seemed very happy – always a good sign.
I was seen by Dr. Melissa, who was extremely knowledgeable, asked all sorts of great questions, and who made very good recommendations. She went over my x-rays, and explained everything so well, I felt relief from that alone.
I was given various treatments that gave me almost immediate lessening of my pain and discomfort, and over the course of a few days, following the doctor’s instructions, I recovered dramatically.
The prices were very reasonable, even the x-rays, and I got immediate help from knowledgeable, caring people.
I felt included in my care decisions, I felt enlightened by Dr. Melissa’s explanations, and I was relieved both mentally and physically after my visit.
I know I’ll return here, and I’d happily recommend them to others. I had a very positive experience.

Outstanding.  Having just moved to the area I am so impressed with the doctors, staff, and facilities.  I wouldn’t even dream about going anywhere else now.  My whole family goes now and everyone feels very confident about knowing that they will feel better after seeing any of the three docs.

I have been going here for a year, they are all amazing from the time you walk in to the time you leave. I was barely walking when I came here. I have 9 herniated and bulging discs. I was hospitalized for a week and was told I needed surgery. Still no surgery. I  am going 1 time a week and feel great!

I have been coming for probably 4 months, as many times as 3 times a week and I am still in as much pain as I was when I walked in the door the first time, if not more pain. Sure my x-rays look improved according to the doctors, but at this point I feel I was scammed out of my money. There is no reason I should feel more pain if I have been so good about coming in on a regular basis. Highly disappointed.

I was seeing someone else in the area, and in the past I’ve had better results.  So when I pinched a nerve in my neck and couldn’t move, I thought I’d give them a try.  So after 8 weeks of 3x a week I am so much better.  I’m still going once a week (I think I’d go more if insurance covered any more or I had more money).  The acupuncture helped me sleep better than I have in years, and some part of all of this has helped the severity of my migraines.  I feel better all around.  I have not been sick once this year either!  The girls that do the therapy are awesome!  Everyone has always been super friendly and efficient.  I miss seeing them more often.  I’ve recommended it to a couple friends who are getting results also.

Amazing kind people with really effective means of helping with body pAin or weight loss. I highly recommend all of them, appreciate how my massage is billed as physical therapy and actually is, LOVE Dr. Melissa and the Ideal Protein weight loss program and all the Chiropractors and staff are just awesome, very authentic. These people are like family to us.

This office has through and through demonstrated a level of care that puts them way ahead of the curve. I was involved in a car accident and needed to be seen right away to determine if I was in condition to work later that day. I was also concerned because I don’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford upfront, out-of-pocket costs. Not only were they able to make room to see me right away, they agreed to wait for payment from mine and the at-fault party’s car insurance companies. Within hours of making that call, I had x-rays, a medical diagnosis and treatment plan, an adjustment, therapy, and was given a note to provide my employer on my limited abilities. The level of quality care continued through the course of my treatment. For such a busy office, their ability to accommodate my needs and treat me as an individual, remembering my name and personal details, was remarkable. I was eventually released from acute care in pre-accident condition and they were helpful with advising me through the process of settling up with the insurances. Everyone in that office – receptionists, doctors, assistants, therapists, acupuncturist, and billing staff are all incredibly talented and caring individuals. I cannot praise this office highly enough, and would not hesitate to refer even my nearest and dearest to them.

I’d say that Dr. Ryan and his staff are the A-team of chiropractors – they are extremely professional, caring, and they do wonderful adjustments. I started seeing them due to injuries that I got from a fall, and couldn’t turn my head to the left very far. I saw definitive progress very quickly with Rock Creek Chiropractic. Really an impressive group of people working here.

Dr. Ryan is the only chiropractor/doctor/specialist that was able to identify my issue and successfully treat it. After several years of feeling older than I should and popping pill after pill for anti inflamatory and pain I am very thankful and happy to report that after one, yes just one, alignment I immediately felt relief and was able to move and bend with no pain or “catching” in my spine. It was a miracle, well at least it felt like one. Granted my body is not perfect so it continues to slide out once in a while but seriously, no more pills and each adjustment lasts longer than the first. Thank you Dr. Ryan!

I have had an excellent experience at Rock Creek Spine and Rehab in these last 6 months. I have been very impressed with all of the doctors and staff. Dr. Ryan Groelz is an extraordinarily knowledgeable and talented clinician. He is thorough and accurate. I have had many years of lumbar back pain from herniated discs and, more recently, in this last 2 years, from neck pain. I have benefited greatly from physical therapy and osteopathic manipulation and massage for my back throughout the years. However, despite being an MD myself and seeing doctors of physical therapy and doctors of osteopathy, neurologists, and getting MRIs and CT scans, none of us was able to determine the source or the solution for my continued neck pain. Dr. Groelz was able to tell me what the problem was after his initial physical exam and his assessment was confirmed with x-ray. His treatment plan has worked and I have been out of pain for 4 months now. His treatment plan for my back as worked as well and I have been pain free for the longest duration since my problems began 10 years ago. Not only have I been out of pain, everyone who works there is extremely kind and they treat all the patients with respect and compassion. The office manager, the staff, the doctors, massage therapist, and acupuncture provider, are all extremely kind, professional, and patient-centered.