Chiropractic Care

Do you experience neck pain, back pain, headaches or nerve related problems like numbness, tingling or pain in the extremities? Are you involved in contact sports? Does your job restrict your amount of daily movement? Have you recently been in an accident?

Chiropractic care offers a solution to many nervous system, muscular-skeletal and health related problems. All types of people can benefit from chiropractic care, irrespective of their health status. Regardless of your situation, life has a significant impact on our bodies in more ways than most of us truly understand. Chiropractic care can help adjust and lessen the damage caused to our bodies over time. Chiropractic care is a treatment that can be used by people of all ages, such as:

  • Athletes – Maintaining your spine is a healthy way to prevent and correct many injuries.
  • Office workers & Students – Sitting in a single position, with limited movement, on a daily basis can cause neck aches, headaches and wrist pains.
  • Pregnant women & infants – Having a healthy pelvis and spinal position are best for the fetus. Infants can also benefit from chiropractic care by treating spinal issues that are related to learning how to walk and repetitive falling.
  • Children – Engaging in sports and overall playing can cause spinal stress. Children who are checked by chiropractic care on a regular basis are able to maintain a healthy nervous system.
  • Elderly – Chiropractic care increases mobility and energy, whilst lowering drug dependence.

Chiropractic Care Services

Aside from regular chiropractic care services, Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center also offers a variety of specialized treatments. These treatments are designed to help you reach optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

  • Adjustments – Adjustments are the most common treatment in chiropractic. This method helps to restore proper alignment, lessen shoulder, neck, and back pain, assist with nasal disorders and allergies, recuperate after whiplash or car accident injuries, rebalance the body, ease depression and aid in weight control.
  • Traction – Traction is the best technique to complement spinal decompression. Traction treatment can lessen headaches, migraines or neck and back pains permanently. It also helps patients regain and improve their spinal alignment, postural and structural issues.
  • Trigger Point Massage ­& Myofascial Release Technique ­– These techniques are a form of muscle therapy that are complementary to chiropractic treatments. They help by relieving pain in targeted areas and promoting overall relaxation and improved circulation. The benefits of these muscle therapies include lowered pain, muscle spasms and knots, whilst improving range of motion, muscle activity and blood flow.
  • Target Exercises – One of the best ways to assist your body in its natural healing process is to engage in appropriate exercises. Our chiropractors are able to give you a personalized list of exercises that are designed to increase body strength, lower pain and alleviate stress. Some of the benefits of target exercises include better muscle strength, improved posture, improved spinal protection and overall improvement in the body’s ability to function.
  • Class IV Laser – Rock Creek Spine incorporates the use of two Class IV Lasers in the office that speed cellular healing and reduce inflammation. When combined with adjustments and spinal decompression, the lasers provide excellent healing to aggravated and herniated discs. It is also an excellent treatment for acute soft tissue injuries including sprains, pulled muscles and inflamed joints.

Regular chiropractic care can help assist your body in restoring and maintaining balance, which can have incredible results on your life and attitude. Contact us today at (303) 499-6565 for more information or to book a chiropractic care appointment.