proven long-term solution for
peripheral neuropathy and symptoms of:

  • numbness and tinling
  • loss of balance
  • burning sensation in hands or feet
  • pain when walking or standing
  • sharp or electric-like pain
  • muscle weakness
  • diabetic nerve pain
  • difficulty sleeping
  • sensitivity to touch

At the forefront of our treatment regimen, is the use of an infrared diode device, also known as low-level light therapy,photon therapy or photo therapy.

When used appropriately on the affected area, these lights promote the release of nitric oxide from the endothelial cells, increasing locl blood flow, and stimulating angiogenesis.

By localizing the area to be treated, stimulating the release of nitric oxide, and increasing circulation to the peripheral nervous system, infrared therapy effectively allows:

  • Dramatic reduction in pain
  • Up to 90% improvement in sensation in patients experiencing numbness
  • Substantial balance improvements
  • Decreased cramping and shooting pains at night.

The Rebuilder

The primary tool we use to regenerate the oeripheral nerves is the Rebuilder, a unique electrical stimulation device
that opens the nerve paths,re-educates the nerves, and re-mineralizes the synaptic junctions between the nerve
cells. The Rebuilder treats all the nerves from the toes, up the leg, across the central nervous system and peripheral
nervous system snaptic junctions, and then down the other leg.

This device is currently used at the cancer Treatment Centers of America and has been for more then 15 years exclusively.

They have reported a 93 percent success rate in the reduction of both pain and numbness.

I have been under care for 3 weeks and I am down to maybe one incident per week, where I was having 5-6 incidents per day before this treatment. I have also lost 7-8 lbs already. I feel better and I have already been able to cut back on my diabetic medication and acid reflux medication.
I had no idea nerves can heal. The tingling in my hands is 95% better. I was told it would only get worse.
After just 3 or 4 treatments, I noticed that I could feel the carpet again as I was walking where I could not feel it before. I am continuing to see improvement. When I started, I only had 15% feeling left in my feet and now I am up to 60% feeling. The treatment has been very helpful, it has made me more confident in my driving and in my walking.
I no longer have the tingling and pain sensations in my feet. My balance has drastically improved. On top of all this, I am not depressed and I am feeling a great deal psychologically and mentally better.

we treat patients with a

5 step proven approach

that will heal the nerves and reverse their symptoms

infrared diode therapy

to increase blood flow and stimulate angiogenesis.

nerve rebuilder

A unique eletrical stimulation device tha t opens the nerve paths, re-educates the nerver, and re-miniralizes the synaptic junction between the nerve cells.

physical therapy

balance trining on Multi-Olanar Vibration Plates.

class iv laser treatments

to speed cell turnover and decrease nerve healing times.

intensive nutrition and dietary protocol

To increse nitric oxide production and balance blood sugar while reducing A1-C to normal levels.