Have you recently experienced a traumatic injury, especially on that may have broken a bone or dislocated a joint? Are you over the age of 50 and have had a traumatic injury? Do you experience long-lasting pain that hasn’t reacted to any types of treatment?

X-rays can provide vital information that allows us to treat you in the best way possible. Sometimes x-rays are necessary for our chiropractors to assess a situation and to make sure that pathology is not an issue. X-rays are also used to find out the exact location where the spine needs to be readjusted. It is recommended for patients to undergo an x-ray if symptoms do not improve within several weeks.

Benefits of x-rays

It is common for patients to receive back pain treatment for a period of up to eight weeks before x-rays become an option. Performing an x-ray on a person who has experienced long-standing pain can help find the cause. This is particularly beneficial if the pain happens after an injury, does not subside or occurs in a person over the age of 50. X-rays can also let us know whether fractures, tumors or instability is the cause of the problem.

X-rays provide a cost effective way to assess a person’s spinal condition and structure. As long as it is not performed frequently, x-rays are also considered safe. They can help chiropractor’s view the entire spinal area and reveal areas of progressive change. This information is vital, in combination with other medical examinations and patient history, since it provides an accurate analysis that contributes to an effective treatment plan.

X-rays can also be used to assess the necessity of chiropractic care, as it helps chiropractors find out whether there are pathological developments that could worsen with inappropriate techniques. If a serious pathological development is found, chiropractors are able to treat the case accordingly.

How Do X-rays Work

X-rays are a type of radiation that is “beamed” through the human body. The results come up in a picture, which can then be analyzed by a chiropractor. X-rays can help show injuries and diseases that affect the spinal joints or discs.

Some of the problems that can be detected through x-rays include dislocations, fractures, bone spurs, infections, disc disease or tumors. They can also help assess the spine’s curvature (in cases such as scoliosis) and spinal defects.

The most common spinal x-rays include cervical vertebrae (C-spine), thoracic spine, lumbosacral spine (LS-spine) and Sacrum/coccyx x-ray.

Why Does a Chiropractor Need To Take X-rays

Chiropractic doctors may require an x-ray prior to starting your treatment program. In some cases, it is vital for chiropractors to view the patient’s unique bone structure before making certain adjustments. The x-ray can also help gauge minor alignment variations, which allows the chiropractor to see exactly where the spinal column’s ligaments have been affected.

In essence, x-ray’s can be extremely beneficial in helping chiropractors diagnose and adjust accordingly.

Rock Creek is delighted to offer our patients in-house x-ray options. In-house x-rays allow you to take your x-ray, and view the results, immediately. It also allows us to begin treating you as soon as possible, which lessens your discomfort and stops your condition from worsening.

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