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This website uses Google Analytics, Google Ads Conversion Tracking. We use Cookies to analyze user activity in order to improve the Website. By using this website you are consenting to the use of Cookies.

We use third-party analytics providers including but not limited to Google Analytics to analyze the data collected through the session and persistent metrics cookies to enhance the website, our services, and our advertising. The third-party analytics provider does not receive personally identifiable information through these cookies and does not combine, match, or cross-reference and our partner sites information with any other information.

We use web measurement and customization technologies to make our site function better for visitors and to better understand how the public is using the website.This means that when you visit a page on our site, the internet browser on your computer may download and save a small file (commonly called a “cookie”) so that our website can recognize your specific computer and browser when you use our site in the future.These technologies fall into two categories, based on the length of time they remain active:

Single-session cookies last only as long as a web browser is open. Once the browser is closed, the data files on your computer are deleted.

Multi-session cookies last beyond a single session of browsing a website; this allows a website to recognize a computer or user for defined amount of time.

We use the following web measurement and customization technologies:

Session cookies are used for technical purposes, such as enabling better navigation through the site, facilitating the use of user accounts, and generating aggregated statistics about how the website is used.

Persistent cookies are used to recognize a computer that has previously visited our site, which can improve a user’s experience, for example by continuing preference settings from previous visits. When a visitor views a welcome, also known as a “landing page” – we set a persistent cookie to prevent them from seeing that page repeatedly. This cookie does not collect personal identifying information. We set other persistent cookies to measure website metrics, such as which pages are popular and how often people visit the website. These cookies do not collect personal identifying information.

How Google Uses Data When You Use This Site:

Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites:

How Google Ads Tracks Website Conversions

This article provides more information about how Google measures the interactions that people had with your ads before a conversion, including some guidelines to make sure you can measure conversions from all browsers.

When people interact with Google ads (by clicking a text ad or viewing a video ad), Google Ads stores a cookie on a Google domain that contains information about the interaction. When someone converts on our website, (click to call, tracking number call, or form submission) the conversion tracking tag installed reads this cookie and sends it back to Google Ads with the conversion information. In some cases, the cookies Google uses to store information about the ad interactions may not be available due to factors including browser settings.

Google Opt-Out Browser Add On

You have the ability to opt out of having Google Analytics cookies placed by using the following browser add on:

Privacy Policy & Terms

The privacy policy below explains how we choose to use the information that you provide whilst using our website. We aim to offer privacy protection for all of our users.

How We Collect & Use Contact Form Information

We use information that is given to us voluntarily by our users in order to improve their website experience and to contact them via phone or email if that information is given.

We use information that is voluntarily given to us by our users in order to send various electronic newsletters and to give our users access to message boards, forums, polls and surveys.

Advertising Partners Access to Data & Information

We create detailed reports of our sites that list information such as user demographics and traffic patterns to distribute to our advertising partners. Our advertising partners also have full access to both our Google Analytics and Google Ads data via the web based software. Our advertising partners are able to use this information to provide our users with more accurate and interesting advertisements and optimize our advertising campaigns. Advertisers are never aware of the identity of anyone who clicks their ads.

How We Share This Information

We use the information in the ways that we previously explained in an internal manner. We do not give out any information in regards to our individual users, with the exception of complying with a valid legal process, protecting the safety of the public and our users or applicable law.